MLCC, aluminum electrolytic capacitors, solid capacitors and other out-of-stock price increases, is he the biggest winner?
Applications such as automotive and industrial control have greatly increased, and under the characteristics of high unit price and high gross profit, they have given room for general products to Taiwan-based passive component factories, which has driven this wave of out-of-stock and price increases
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Evolution of aluminum electrolytic capacitors
The switching power supply is widely used in various communication equipment, household appliances, computers and other terminal equipment with the characteristics of small size, light weight and high efficiency. As one of the important devices in the primary and secondary loop filter circuits of the switching power supply, aluminum electrolytic capacitors also follow the evolution of the switching power supply.
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Comparison of the characteristics of aluminum electrolytic capacitors and tantalum electrolytic capacitors
Aluminum electrolytic capacitors have a relatively large body, a large series resistance, a large inductance, and are sensitive to temperature. It is suitable for occasions where the temperature does not change much and the operating frequency is not high (not higher than 25kHz). It can be used for low frequency filtering (the parallel filtering effect of electrolytic capacitors at low frequencies is low frequency difference) Aluminum electrolytic capacitors have polarity, and the correct polarity must be ensured during installation, otherwise there is a danger of explosion.
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